Investment Vehicles

Direct Investment

TENIGLA´s role is to assist the client, according to their demands, during all the investment or divestment process (defining the investment strategy, seeking investment opportunities, presentation of non-binding offers, due diligence monitoring, searching of financing, negotiation with the opposite party and signing), and coordinate the different professional services (notary, lawyers, technicians, valuators…).

Acquisition Process

Disinvestment Process

Real Estate Investment Vehicles

The restructuring and management service of investment real estate vehicles offered by Tenigla is considered as a global and independent service in the defence of clients’ interests.

Property Management works may be coordinated directly with first line professionals in each area, suggesting always several alternatives, so the client can make the final selection. TENIGLA’s work consists in monitoring these works and analyse the results.

A meeting calendar will be defined together with the client, with the purpose of achieve a complete track record of the portfolio.

Presentation, analysis and opinion of potential investment opportunities that could fit the portfolio.

Property Management


  • Payment supplies
  • Cash and debtors control
  • Annual budget
  • Deviations analysis

Rental Management

  • Invoicing orders
  • Rental revisions
  • Tenant customer service

Building Management

  • Facility Manager monitoring
  • Visits to the property
  • Relationship with suppliers

Asset Management


  • Accounting control
  • Tax payment control
  • Insurance coordination
  • Audit coordination

Rental Management

  • Proposals for rental improvements
  • Vacancy management
  • Negotiation and signing of lease contracts

Building Management

  • Quarterly reports
  • Generation of added value
  • Analysis and opinion assets
  • Due Diligence monitoring
  • Legal compliance